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the publisher predicts that construction companies will spend $1bn annually on AI platforms by 2024. Analysis of the impact of AI on the construction industry and how AI technologies can be used to resolve challenges of delivering on time, to budget, and safely. The three most expensive disclosed AI-related acquisitions in construction since 2016 were: Autodesk's February 2021 acquisition of Innovyze for $1bn, Autodesk's December 2018 acquisition of PlanGrid for $875m, and Trimble's April 2018 acquisition of Viewpoint for $1.2bn. A case study showing how Kaiser Permanente partnered with Doxel to increase productivity by 38% when delivering its Viewridge Medical Office project and come in 11% under budget. The challenges facing the architecture, engineering, and constructing industry, together with thorough discussion of how AI can help mitigate these challenges, as well as identify companies for partnerships. Global market size (2019) and forecast (2020-2024) of AI platform revenues in the construction industry compiled by the publisher technology and construction analysts. Key mergers and acquisitions (M&As) associated with the AI theme in the construction sector over the last five years including date, deal value, and a brief description of the target company as compiled from the publisher's Deals database. Profiles of over 35 AI vendors including specialists in the construction industry with details of their AI services.


Image of people playing Facebook Fantasy Games on their phones Leagues, which can be public or private, will allow members to compare scores to others in the league and provide a place for members to share picks, reactions and comments. Available today, daily sports prediction game Pick & Play Sports is the first game we’re launching, in partnership with Whistle Sports. Fans will get points for correctly predicting the winner of a big game, the points scored by a top player or specific events that unfold during a match. Players can earn bonus points for building a streak of correct predictions over a series of days. In the upcoming months, we will introduce new games with TV shows like CBS’s Survivor and ABC’s The Bachelorette, sports leagues like Major League Baseball and LaLiga Santander and premier digital publishers like BuzzFeed. Each week, fans will select a set of Castaways to be on their Fantasy Survivor team and answer a series of questions about the upcoming episode. Fans will then receive points based on the events that unfold in that week’s episode. For each day during the MLB Postseason, fans can pick the teams that they think will hit the most home runs during that day’s action. Fans will then earn points based on correct predictions and whether their team hits home runs or grand slams — with extra points coming for those hit late in the game.


Figure caption Previously, the researchers right here had used this two-laser method with atoms to measure the momentum of the ionized electrons [ 2 ]. But now they have used it with molecules prior to ionization. The researchers used a short pulse of light to align the molecules so that all of their nitrogen-nitrogen bonds pointed in the same direction relative to the strong laser’s polarization. They observed that the shift in the fringes depended on this alignment direction. By modeling the effect that the second laser has on the lengths of the direct and scattered paths, the team was able to convert the fringe data into a measurement of the starting point of the electron. They found that the tunneling electrons were not located at the center of the molecule—as many you can try this out simplifying models assume—but instead were picometers away from the center, along the axis defined by the nitrogen-nitrogen bond. For comparison, the two nitrogen nuclei are situated about 54 picometers from the center. The team showed that the electron’s position agrees with computations of the highest occupied molecular orbital, which is the orbital requiring the least energy for ionization. Tunneling ionization is often used in so-called attosecond science to perform, for example, high-harmonic spectroscopy and attoclock timing (see Viewpoint: Timing Molecular Motion with an Optical Stopwatch ). “The measured photoemission position can be used to improve the precision of these attosecond metrologies,” Li says. The team also plans to extend their method to more complex molecules.